The primary challenge was to expedite @FUNtoken_io token's value growth in the shortest possible time frame. Kicked off abruptly without any preliminary preparations, the objective was clear and the determination to achieve results was unwavering.  


Our strategy encompassed publishing over a thousand unique daily posts about XFUN. These posts highlighted the XFUN wallet, its token details, and the project's essence. Each post was curated from an individual account and subsequently shared on the account's page, ensuring expansive audience outreach.


In a mere 3-4 day span, the XFUN token's value surged by 21%. Over 6.5K new members flocked to the project's community within the same period. Moreover, the natural mentions of the brand "Everness" skyrocketed by 25% due to our active engagement. And all of this? Achieved at a cost of around $3000-$4000, representing just about half of our efforts during this span and roughly 20% of our comprehensive actions.  

Stay tuned; this is just a glimpse into the potential of crowd shilling. We will soon share an exhaustive case on the XFUN fan-token detailing our holistic efforts.  

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