It's a joy to share WNF's journey and the milestones we've reached since starting in 2017:

Delighted to have assisted in 120 projects, 82 of which were all about crypto.
Not all were smooth sailing, but the setbacks often led to successful relaunches.
Proud of our clients' expanding communities:

Their Discord channels have up to 35,000 subscribers!
On Twitter and Telegram, they enjoy followings of 28,000 and 22,000 respectively.
Our marketing strategies have been quite a success:

Achieved an average cost per click of just 5 cents, leading to an impressive conversion rate of 20%.
Our projects often get a solid 5-minute showcase from influencers.Let's talk project timelines:

NFT projects typically take about 1.5 months from launch to sellout, while other types take around 3 months to meet KPIs.The average active ad campaign lasts for about two weeks.
Behind-the-scenes insights:

Each project typically involves about 12 team members and a monthly marketing budget of $48,000.
In the realm of content marketing:

Our compact shill comments average around 120 characters, and our projects are mentioned about 820 times monthly in reputable articles.
WNF's achievements are reflections of hard work and the trust placed in us by our clients. We're excited to continue this journey together, making a difference one project at a time!🔥