Our prior update shared details about our association with the Utopia project. Now, we’re shining a light on the tangible results, set goals, and the success we achieved.  

Objective: Recalling our previous narrative, we operated on a slim budget and aimed to navigate moderation challenges due to prior instances of the platform facing bans. The paramount goal? Demonstrating concrete results.  

Solution: We integrated Google Analytics 360 and embedded internal kers in Utopia"'s desktop-only application. Utopia's actions became crucial, from sign-ups to engaging in chess for in-app cryptocurrency or wallet creation. The desktop app's multifaceted nature meant a variety of touchpoints with users, demanding meticulous attention. Despite hurdles in communication and app intricacies, dedicated landing pages for each function were crafted, ensuring precise user engagement. Monitoring user shifts to external links facilitated an optimized retargeting strategy, channeling users back to the application.  

Results: Achieved around 11,200 sign-ups. 50% of these (5,600) went on to create wallets and complete the in-app quest, earning cryptocurrency. Detailed analytics enabled goal attainment and a refined conversion approach for specific in-app actions. In essence, amidst budget limitations, communication gaps, and initial vague client insights about tracking, we pivoted from abstract challenges to tangible outcomes. This collaboration underscores the industry's pivotal role in precise analytics and strategic problem-solving.