Hello! Today's tale is about our favorite client, ZeroQuad, whose projects often bring a delightful challenge. This time, they needed a universal promotion strategy applicable across their diverse projects. Challenge accepted!

🔥 Problem:    

Devising a strategy for promoting ZeroQuad's various projects, including an AI-assistant, a project management meta-panel "Metla", and different SaaS products, was an exciting task. Our plan needed to be robust and versatile, catering to different media sources, targeting settings, and content themes.

🔥 Solution:    

We immersed ourselves in strategy creation. We focused on developing an effective SMM strategy, outlining targeting and content marketing approaches, creating a media plan, and identifying potential influencers. We crafted unique setup algorithms, devised templates for quality assessments, and set KPIs to measure marketing effectiveness.      


ZeroQuad received a bundle of resources - a promotion strategy, media planning schedule, influencers list, universal content plan, five setup algorithms, and a quality assessment algorithm. We also analyzed competitors for each project type and set benchmarks for KPIs. Yes, we created our competition, but supporting our Ukraine-based team was paramount. For Windi, people always come before match. Ready for the next project, ZeroQuad? We're eager to help!