Our task was to package the Tamadoge project, a routine and average task for our team at Wind & Fire. This included community building, marketing, and overall project preparation.

🔥Actions and Results:

Article Placement. We successfully placed articles on leading platforms including Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Analytics Insight, Benzinga, and Concierge.

🔥Marketing Campaign with CoinSniper:

Our collaboration with CoinSniper allowed us to conduct an active marketing campaign, extending our reach.Certification and Audit. We obtained a certificate from Solid Proof and underwent an audit, validating the project's integrity and quality.

Listing and Influencers. We expanded our visibility by listing on Bybit and collaborating with key influencers.

Community Growth. Starting with a community of 2,000 followers, we increased the count to an impressive 50,000. This was achieved through consistent content creation and community engagement.


This project was a standard task for our team at WNF, and we executed it with our usual professionalism and efficiency. The strategies implemented ultimately increased brand mentions and awareness for Tamadoge.