You might have heard the saying, "When the game gets too hot, it's best to leave the table." But what if we could turn up the heat and make the game so immersive that you'd never want to leave? Say hello to our latest venture—a completely revamped and enhanced gaming site, packed by us to the brim!  


We were introduced to the project at its inception, right after the design of the site was completed. Our task was multifaceted: we had to elevate its visual style, prepare all technical and legal documentation, and perform an extensive marketing research to identify and adapt suitable traffic sources. This was no easy feat, but we had our game faces on.  


To solve the puzzle, we approached it from multiple directions. We conducted numerous surveys amongst the target audience, picking their brains for key points of interest. Our collaborations with gambling resources helped us accumulate a vast email database for newsletters. We also launched aggressive marketing campaigns across multiple platforms like Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Reddit Ads, Fortune Ads, and Instagram, with Google Ads delivering the best results.  

In addition, we shook hands with influencers, published articles, and even hosted a few streams on Twitch despite the restrictions. We also facilitated shilling, or the promotion of the project, within related communities to generate hype and interest.  

Moreover, we totally revamped the site's design, making it visually appealing and user-friendly.  


In a relatively short span of time, the cost of conversion ranged between 5 and 10 dollars only. We saw a surge in conversion up to 30% post-registration and the LTV increased by 220% due to the variety of traffic sources utilized. Social media engagement spiked by 48%, and brand mentions of awareness became incredibly cost-effective.  

A robust gaming community was built from scratch, and despite a bit of anonymity, we maintained a strong retention rate with less than 10% dropout.