Friends, I want to tell you about our work on an exciting #DeHive project. DeHive is an innovative platform that clusters top-performing cryptocurrencies into indexes, allowing investors of all sizes to optimize their returns. It offers auto-compounding interest in DeFi, stable instruments, and opportunities to earn on stablecoins. Here's how we assisted this project with the Wind & Fire (#wnf ) team:    


Promote DeHive, and increase its accessibility, trust, and awareness within the cryptocurrency community.    


Listings at #coinmarketcap , #CoinGecko, #dappradar, and #defilama to enhance token accessibility.  

Conducting checks by #Hacken, #Zokyo, and #Blaize for security validation.  

Engaging with such media outlets as #Bloomberg and #YahooFinance.  

Campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with influential bloggers.  

Website optimization for better visibility on Google and Bing.  


Trading volume increased by 30.2%, and token price grew by 15.8%.  

Trust in the platform rose by 25.4%, user base grew by 20.5%.  

Audience reach increased by 40.3%, and site visits grew by 30.7%.  

Social media followers increased by 50,000, conversion rate improved by 5.2%.  

Organic traffic grew by 35.6%, sales increased by 20.9%.  

This project was quite routine for us, but the results speak for themselves.

Thanks to everyone who participated.