Hey there! I'm thrilled to share our exciting adventure with CheckDot, a cutting-edge DeFi project that aims to safeguard assets and infrastructures from various threats. With our expertise and charm, we guided CheckDot through its journey of crafting an impactful B2B strategy, creating compelling ads, and enhancing its service conversions. Let's dive right in!


CheckDot was exploring several directions and needed clarification on their path. Our mission was to assist them in identifying their target audience, formulating a unique value proposition (UVP), and helping the project carve its niche. Additionally, we were tasked with boosting conversion rates and optimizing their service sales process.


As an outsourcing partner, we facilitated a series of consultations, scrutinized their interactions with clients, and worked diligently to improve their conversion rates. We revamped the operations of their sales managers and launched website traffic, aiming to enhance conversion rates. We also set up remarketing to re-engage their target audience and ensure visibility in Google's contextual media network and search results.


The outcomes of our collaboration were significant. We managed to boost conversion rates by 25%, and the cost of traffic decreased by 35%. Thanks to remarketing, we increased audience engagement on the site and improved its positioning in Google's search results. Throughout this process, we provided advice on internal sales issues of crypto services for B2B.

So, that's the end of this adventure, folks! We soared, we conquered, and we added value. Stay tuned for more thrilling tales with your pal Windy!