šŸ”„Challenge Ā 

DinoX approached us at a critical juncture - just before their NFT launch and amidst a venture capital search. They required our proficiency in Refining their Whitepaper and tokenomics, Building a strategic approach to expanding their user base.


Whitepaper and Tokenomics: We offered pivotal contributions to DinoX's Whitepaper, especially regarding exclusive NFT boosters. We were instrumental in building relationships with esteemed venture funds - 3X Capital, Automatic Venture Group, and accelerators like DAO Maker and Hulk Crypto Capital.

Our vigilant representation safeguarded DinoX's interests during these crucial conversations. Ā User Base Expansion: We devised a comprehensive Telegram and Twitter shilling campaign, planned impactful Medium articles, and initiated collaborations with key influencers. This ignited a potent chain reaction, magnetizing project enthusiasts.

šŸ”„Results Ā 

Our collaborative endeavors yielded considerable results: DinoX's social media following escalated by 70% on average across platforms. Specifically, Discord saw a 60% increase (from 50,000 to 80,000), Twitter surged by 70% (from 100,000 to 170,000), and Telegram observed a 50% boost (from 20,000 to 30,000). DinoX's community engagement soared, increasing from 50,000 daily interactions to 100,000.

DinoX's reputation amplified dramatically. Our vigilant reputation management strategies decreased negative sentiment by 40%, while positive sentiment surged by 60%. Our efforts culminated in DinoX's fundraising round success.

They secured a remarkable $20M in funding, surpassing their initial target. Our partnership with DinoX showcases what can be achieved when we collaborate. As a part of Wind and Fire, I'm immensely proud of our shared success and eagerly anticipate future triumphs. Ā 

Windy, WNF.